Monday, February 8, 2010

lady has a baby....not a real one!

Z has never really been in to stuffed animals much, although he's got quite a collection. i've tried thinning it out over the moves, but we still have a few items from the baby shower.....
one of the stuffed animals was a cute little dog; what makes it even cuter is it's colored just like Lady - black all over with tan paws. the other day Z decided he wanted to give that toy to Lady even though he knew she typically chews toys up within a matter of hours.

for some reason, we were wrong about this one though. she's had it for about a week now; she carries it around the yard & up to the top of the hill for some afternoon sun. beings she hasn't destroyed it & she even cleans it up, i let her bring it inside the house & we call it her baby. we'll even tell her "go get your baby" & she does!

it's darling.

i took a closer look at her baby though & i think she's had it with being a mom - the baby is missing an ear & it's little tail has been nibbled off!

update thurs pm - i came out of the bathroom & Lady's baby was in pieces, motherhood was not her high point.

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  1. that is the cutest thing i have heard in a while. except of course for the canibalism of her baby. lol


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