Thursday, February 25, 2010

bush whack phase II

um, there wasn't a post about phase i, deal with it, k?
phase i was me cleaning up the bushes along the back fence in an effort remove warm, comfy housing for the yard vermin. you remember them right?
so i cleaned up the bush bottoms, raked out all the leaves, B went on the other side of the fence & trimmed 4 years of some places our bushes were bigger on the wrong side of the fence!

we'd decided to leave the the bushes along the north fence as they were bc we were going to pull them out & plant some grass, that would give us an extra 2 feet or so of yard.

fast forward 6 months & them bushes are still there, still providing lots of breeding spots for said vermin. B's been totally busy with school, so i decided i could at least clean those bushes up a little bit, it would probably make it easier when we go to remove them right?

so i trim & rake, over & over & i'm finding all kinds of stuff in there. i found an old ball [that looked like it was from the 70s] & one of lady's orange-brown rope toys [ah her long lost friend]. then i stumbled across something that made me pause.

it was black & about 2-3 inches long. at first i thought it was a dead bird, but then i realized it was more fur-like than feather-like. at this point all sorts of obscenities are right at the tip of my tongue as i'm panicking & thinking it's dead rat/mouse/opossum creature.

then i figured out it was a piece of lady's baby.

note to self - from now on, lady's toys can only be bright-non-animal colored.

updated, i forgot to write about the part where i figured out why lady had a little pukage last week...i found leftover pieces of charcoal in the yard. one day last week B was going to grill, but the charcoal was wet & he left the lid off the grill, well girlfriend's been eating used charcoal to get the minute yet tasty drippings. anything to get people food...anything!

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