Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i get to saw, hammer, play with fire & i'm creating (not destroying)??

so superbowl isn't a big deal in this house [actually superbowl notates the day when we went house hunting & found this one, but that's not the story we're delving into today...] & without realizing it, i signed up for a wire-wrapping [say it correctly please, in elmer fuddish so it sounds like "why-uh wapp-ing", got it?] class for that sunday.

i didn't realize it was game day until the sat beforehand & was only disappointed that i was going to miss the day's commercials. the class was alright, it was mainly so i could get confirmation on what i had learned via books & online was being executed correctly.

i also signed up for a metalsmithing class & that was a whole new world. i didn't know how to put the blade on the jeweler's saw, then i managed to break 3[!!!] of them cutting out the copper tag [pic here]. so, i'm getting better at that part! the rest of class 1 i spent texturizing & detailing the tag.

in class 2 i got to play with fire & soldered the 2 pieces together. i also cut out a silver ring, texturized & soldered it. only problem is although i thought i made it a little big, it came out a little small & i've been working for days trying to stretch it out. [fyi, it's a b*tch & ring-making is not my friend]

my left palm, thumb & pointer finger are bruised & each holds it's own strategically placed blood blister to show the fruits of my labor [bc the ring's diameter has barely increased at all]. the amount of time i've spent attempting to stretch this ring, i probably could have cut out, texturized & soldered another 5 rings...& i'd be that much better at all those other things instead of having a beat up left hand.

oh well, it's my first ring & i'm gonna make it fit!!!
we'll see what's on the schedule for my last class.

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