Thursday, February 4, 2010

1 week elbow update

Z had one week check up this morning, they xrayed him again & said he was healing fine (YAH!). the cast has to stay on another 4 weeks though, then we go back in. at that appt they'll remove the cast, xray then decide whether or not he'll need another cast. they said children's healing rate vary so much that it's possible he may need one for an additional 4 weeks.

so i'm glad all is well, but i have to say that already, i'm a little concerned.
about the smell.
worrywart, i know....

but in my defense i've never had a cast before & B does call me the super-sniffer for a reason. i think he may be saying it all to taunt & freak me out [fyi, it is totally working] but i'm already about to gag on just the thought of what that little arm is going to smell like in a few more days!

weeks is unimaginable...
F.O.U.R. of them

either i'm going to have to pour clorox in the cast or place cottonballs drenched in mouthwash up my nose.


  1. and now you know why my father ended up cutting off my cast HIMSELF after they let me swim in the river with my leg cast! ha ha ha

    but yeah it does get pretty ripe in there. just wait until it comes off. i remember when they took my arm cast off and then sent me on my way. "um yeah...can i have a wet wipe or something? i don't think they are going to let me on the bus smelling like that."

  2. OH MY WORD! they let you swim in the river with your cast on!
    well, it was the 70s...

    ugh, i don't know if i'm going to be able to be in the room when they take it off...i may need a barf bag!

  3. lol is it gross to say that event though the smell is totally offensive a part of me couldn't stop smelling it? yeah...okay. then nevermind. :-)

  4. Thanks for the hilarious mental picture of cottonballs up your nose! :) Just what I needed on a Monday morning...


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