Saturday, February 6, 2010

that's not a sticker on the wall

all kids like stickers, but Z has issues about where to place the stickers....
- he used to put them on himself, but his skin would turn red
- then he put them on his shelves, bed, dresser & they'd peeled off paint or varnish so we told him that was a no, no
- next option was the walls, which looks even more ghetto, so we nixed that one too

but he forgot.

well, no i guess he didn't really forget.

i came walking down the hallway & saw something [no glasses, so something is as good as a description as you're gonna get] on the wall, so i say "Z, you know you aren't supposed to put stickers on the walls".

Z - it's not a sticker, momma

me - [cue deep breathe in] ok, whatever the object is, which has an adhesive substance on it, to which it is affixed on the wall, said object needs to be removed? [lawyer speak 101]

so he takes it off the wall & puts it on his dresser...

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  1. you need to get him those removeable stickers. i know they have huge sports ones. i think they are called big heads. but they have to have others. i know at MY dollar tree store they have a whole bunch of smaller ones. mostly for girls though. i will check and see what they have for boys and include it with my get well card for him that i have yet to send..or find. lol


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