Friday, February 12, 2010

just in time for a broken elbow update

instead, we have another emergency, bc that's how Z rolls....

i heard the sound in his throat when he was crying about something weds night. on thurs am he woke up coughing & with stridor & beings we've been doing this for awhile i decided the best thing to do was head over to the new dr office to have it documented.

yup, croup, with stridor [where's my medical degree?]

she gave us a prescription for decadron & sent us on our way. glorious target didn't carry it nor did walmart so we ordered it at our last stop - walgreens. i made sure the boy had plenty of fluids, had the humidify set on jet engine with heavy saturation & he still coughed a couple of times throughout the night & woke up wheezing.

the coughing wasn't real bad, but the wheezing was. we sat at the back slider with the door open, wrapped in a blanket with his head out the door for 15min. it helped, but not enough, so back to the ER. just getting dressed he was out of breathe, i felt so sorry for him, he already is having a hard time with the cast, now he can't breath either! guh!

[can in interrupt this lil jaunt to the ER with a little something i noticed - the only time B drives the speed limit is when there's an emergency. i'm totally serious. the last time i remember him driving that slow was when my water broke & we were on our way to birthing Z. note to self, although i realize the man is trying to keep the situation calm, it drives me bonkers, so in the future do not let man drive in emergency related scenarios. i don't know that he'll survive a 3rd trip.]

they took Z back right away, gave him a chest xray, some prednizone & a breathing treatment. Z was asked about 20x about his arm, B finally convinced him to say he injured himself wrestling sharks or something along those lines. they observed him for a couple of hours & let us go even though he was still wheezing quite a bit.

tonight will be the true test, it's past 9:30 & he's still up [the steroids]. i opened his window earlier to let in cold air & when it got too cold i closed it & put the humidifier back on; hopefully he'll we'll all have a good night's rest.

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