Wednesday, February 17, 2010

school boys

B signed up for a crazy school schedule this semester - spanish II, anatomy & microbiology. i'd warned him beforehand that the 2 science classes alone were going to be hard to handle, but he really wanted to take his spanish courses back-to-back.
fast-forward a few weeks into the semester to his first anatomy test & spanish fell through the cracks [i don't blame him one bit, i think it's better to do well in 2 classes than ok in 3] & guess what?

he got an A in both parts [lab & lecture] of the test!!!! woohooo!!!
not only that, he ranked 3rd in the class, i'm so proud of him!!!

remember Z's biography report on GW? he just got his grade on it & he got 100%!!!!
we're so proud that he got such a good grade on his first report!!!

but then i was worried & i asked B "do you think that means i helped him too much?"
B said "no, you were just being a momma bird & telling him 'that's not good enough' until it was good enough".

hammerhammerhammer....that's me!

i made sure he fulfilled everything on the teacher's checklist, he chose the pics & glued them on to a background that he cut out & he even typed the report himself. he's actually quite a good typist already, i'd say in about a year he'll be faster & more accurate than B!

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