Wednesday, January 27, 2010

went to school

although Z wasn't supposed to go to school; i wanted some semblance of normal so i took him anyways. B was worried Z's arm would be too distracting for the class, but i told him it was going to happen to some degree anyways, whether it was that day or the day he showed up with the cast on & Z's teacher certainly wouldn't allow too much of an interruption.

Z loved the attn, of course.

like i said though, teacher allowed it for a couple of minutes, then on with the program. he worked on his daily work-up, participated in the discussion, did some reading, then it was presentation time.

yup, a presentation;
in 2nd grade.

over the christmas holiday Z worked on his 1st report; it was a biography. i expected to have to give him some ideas, but he already knew he wanted to write his report on George Washington. he got 2 books from the library, wrote out a rough draft, then typed it on the laptop. yes, it was difficult, the writing that is, he was actually quite good at typing. he actually finished the report a week early & was the first one to turn it in.

i wasn't aware they were presenting the reports though. as i filed test results i listened to reports on: michael jackson, geronimo & miley cyrus. [actually, scratch that, i didn't listen to the last one, sorry, i guess the filing got interesting...] then Z went up & i was surprised at how sure of himself he was. he started out a little slow, the dates were a bit much, but then he read his report just fine.

before we left school i asked Z to show me where he fell. it was a large plastic jungle gym, he was about 3.5-4ft from the ground when he slipped, thankfully landing on woodchips.

later i was talking with Z & telling him how proud i was of him; that his presentation was very good & he seemed comfortable talking in front of the class. he told me that really he wasn't, he was nervous. it was pretty cute.

we went home & Z ate like 4 things in 2 hours, i guess using those brains cells really depleted him. he was really emotional too, so much so that i sent him to bed. after about 15 min i went & joined him so i could read a book of poetry to him; it was Emily Dickinson & we agreed, her writing was a tad weird.

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