Tuesday, January 19, 2010

family funnies - kitchen

i made cosido (mexican beef & veggie soup) took some over when i visited nana a week or two ago. a few days later when i called her she told me the soup was really good "that i cook like a real mexican" - now that's a compliment!


remember last month when B's mom made the chicken & dumplings? well, i tried it [both - as in making chicken & dumplings & following a recipe]. well, sort of...

i didn't measure anything when it came to the soup part. i went all wild & crazy & put onion, garlic & celery in when i cooked the chicken [this is why B loves me, i'm all about living life on the edge]. i did follow the recipe when it came to the dumpling things, except i added celery leaves along with the parsley to them. B's aunt taught me to use the celery leaves & i love it!

anyhoo, i did it. i made chicken & dumplings & for the most part i followed a recipe. Z loved the dumplings & B told me i can cook white people food too.


the other day B & I picked out some fresh bread rolls & were trying to figure out dinner around them. I decided to make tuna & then we thought soup would go nicely with it. Z went over to the refridgerator & looked "we don't have any soup momma". so i told him we were going to have canned soup & he looked at me like i was insane.

it was tomato soup, so once it was in a bowl he found it acceptable. i have yet to make homemade tomato soup. kid has no idea how good he has it, i grew up on campbell's [not that it's bad, just homemade is so much better!].

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