Friday, January 22, 2010

thank you state of california

i went in to Z's class this morning & his teacher told me yesterday the title 1 instructor did some random placement testing & guess what?

Z's kicking ass!
ok, that's not exactly what she said....

Z will no longer participate in the title 1 reading program;
he's getting kicked out.

because not only is he at grade level, he tested out at 2nd grade end of the school year!!!

so can we just move on to 3rd grade now?
yeah, probably not, but this is good, real, real good!!!

i guess that means we're having a weekend of lego star wars to celebrate; i better tape up my thumb now. the boy loves that game so much he talks about it every single day & when he comes home from school he gives me an update about what level his classmates are on too. i'm actually starting to learn the character names; well some, i still say "pony-tail-jedi-dude" but i got jarjar now, he used to be "the-jumpy-guy".


  1. he's come so far. good for him. congrats to you all! :-)

  2. haha, finally happy about get kicked out of something!


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