Thursday, January 7, 2010

besides family crap...

wow, so besides all the crazy family drama Z had 2 weeks off for christmas & new years & B is off for 4 weeks between semesters. at first i was worried about all that time, all of us home, together, nowhere we had to be for 14 days in a row could spell disaster....but it wasn't....not at all.

it was nice.

how crazy is that? well, to be honest if that would have been bad, i would probably be sitting in the loony bin now considering how f-ed up other stuff is/was that we aren't going to discuss today.

B's aunt came to visit us & was here almost the entire time. it was nice to have her here, but i can say once she was gone, boy! RELIEF to be home alone again. Z & I took a big ole nap while B was taking her home....being a hostess takes a lot of energy & planning & niceness [& i'm not good with any of those things]. we didn't do much during the vacation though, auntie uses a walker so we didn't want to go anywhere that required much walking. Z was good the whole time, i think having auntie around was a great buffer, so no complaints.

CRD visited us TWICE. yup, the day she flew into town she stopped by & brought us all some hawaiian goodies, including a little ukulele for Z. then again after christmas she had a couple of free hours so she came over & Z played the ukelele & sang a song for her.

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