Wednesday, January 20, 2010

woohoo, me time, finally!

(ie, B finally started school today) ahem....

so ready for catch up? not a lot has been going on, but here it is:

- dad, um, i haven't gone to see him or called him. i'm much happier, although a tad guilty, will call him soon, in a day or two....or twelve....meh

- mom, i haven't called since the birthday visit; but that was just last week, i hope that's not a big deal. i see it as the phone works both ways, but i have a feeling she doesn't see it that way.

- nana is doing well, especially now that the convalescent home scare is over. [so glad i called my uncle B & got that all straightened out, had everyone scared for no reason!] she's going 2x a week to her senior center social gathering place, so that's excellent & she just told me the dr cleared her to start exercising to get her muscles stronger! YAH!

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  1. i used to tease my sister mercilessly about her being adopted. especially when she had red hair and green eyes. i had brown hair and eyes like my mom and my dad had brown hair and blue eyes. lol it was mean i admit.


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