Thursday, January 28, 2010

crap it's been a long week, oh yeah & Z got his cast finally!!

when i put Z to bed last night i reminded him "no school tomorrow, if you wake up early go back to bed, if you wake up hungry get something to eat & go back to bed" [selfish i know, but geez it's not like i'm expecting him to stay in bed until 10, or even 9, just a little past 7 would be nice when we don't have to go anywhere!]

i knew it was going to be a long day [& i was going to be a bundle of nerves].

first thing in the morning i had to call the insurance company again bc of more stupidness. then i had to call children's hospital & talked to several different wrong people to finally get to the right person to only be asked "why are they contacting you about that?" thank you, i have no f-ing clue why primary-insurance-hospital is making the me the middleman. the problem was the referral was only approved for an evaluation (#3) & xray (#2), BUT NOT A CAST.

anyways, so we go to the hospital & after a few wrong turns [even though i know exactly how to get there] we weren't as early as i wanted to be. the orthopedic surgeon looked at the xrays but said they weren't as precise as she needed them to be, so she wanted to take some new ones. she also told us the size of the fracture would determine the procedure - if it was less than 2 a cast would be fine, if it was larger surgery was suggested although not required [but would likely heal improperly].

can you say freak out?
no? well how about this, when Z & I were in the ER hallway & the PA said something about "3" in reference to either Z's or the other boy's xrays....
how about now?

Z had a rough time taking the xrays, just like before....the turning, twisting, holding at an odd angle hurt & made him start to cry. B & I felt that wasn't a good sign either.

thankfully though, the dr came in & showed us her measurements - 1 & 1.4...hahaha, totally not 2!!!!!!


  1. Whoa dang. How stressful for all of you. Have some wine.

  2. What a headache. Glad it turned out (sort of) okay!!!


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