Wednesday, January 13, 2010

nobody got beatdown, so i'll consider that a win

remember, like a month ago, Z had a his after-school place? yeah....

we decided in addition to the punishment we'd already doled out, he wouldn't be allowed to go back the first week after christmas holiday. then we had to write out a plan for how things were going to work when Z acted up again. first he has to do all his homework for the week, then he's only allowed to go for one hour.

oh & we also decided that whole "in the corner time-out" so does not work for this kid. i mean, so what? who cares? he certainly doesn't. go stand in the corner ain't nothing but a thing for him. not a deterrent at all, so now it's push-ups [bringing usmc style]. if he doesn't do something the first time he's told, 10 push-ups; talking back, another 10; after that he's pretty good about listening & watching his mouth. the other day i told him "drop & give me 20" like a drill sergeant & he was lost [oops, we start with 10....don't piss me off kid!].

today was the day of one hour....intense right?
we actually strayed from the plan already; the lady in charge felt bad about Z not going, so we allowed to him to stay a little longer but he had to do some homework there. he was good & did his work, so YAH for Z!

he gave me some lip at home though; this kid's gonna have some biceps in a few weeks.


  1. you can retire the marine from the family but you can't retire the marine OUT of the family. lol

    whatever works right?

    word verification: exoti (lol)

  2. i just reread my comment and it doesn't even make sense. you've got the "comment denial ability" need to edit my craziness! ha ha ha

  3. you're so silly!

    at least your comment made more sense than the spam one i just deleted...


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