Sunday, January 31, 2010

family catch up

before the world revolved around Z & his elbow, i actually did make family phone calls.

-dad, yes i did call him finally & he was very inquisitive about "what was going on?" although not directly asking why i hadn't called.
i couldn't handle all the people around him saying & thinking "oh what a wonderful loving dad i have & how lucky i am" because it's so not true that i decided the best thing i could do was to just leave him alone to live in his fantasy world. he was even trying to convince me of what a good dad he was; like i forgot or my memory (or lack of memory because he was absent) was wrong.

i talked with a friend though & she suggested i speak with his doctor, there's a lot going on with my dad & maybe this is something the dr needs to know about.

-nana, is doing well, easy to talk to. she was happy & surprisingly could hear well; so much so that B said afterwards "i didn't realize you were on the phone with her, you weren't yelling & you didn't repeat yourself". i called her again to let her know about Z's broken arm.

-mom, yeah, nana was the buffer, totally. mom was easy though, we talked for awhile but then she had to go for a lunch date with a friend. she even called me back later in the day, but she's still acting like nothing happened. weird. i don't want to bring it up, but i know we need to talk it out.

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