Saturday, January 16, 2010

stinkin spammers

ok, so first i added the captcha thingie because of the spam comments; it helped & i seemed to drop off the radar.  however, the past few months i'm back in the limelite again.  i don't like limelight.  not at all.

i went back & changed things again; so now i review all comments, captcha like it's going out of style, took my listing off search engines, etc.  this isn't how i wanted it, but i don't like the spam or the pervs posting stuff.  sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. pervs? you had pervs commenting? your blog has mad the big time then!! lol

  2. yeah, posting backlinks to porn site, nice huh?

  3. that's wrong! this is a family site!! :-)

  4. that's right! b*tches! hahaha!


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