Wednesday, February 24, 2010

random Z

i'm not sure what the deal is, when i'm not at the computer i think of tons of thinks i need to write about & when i get on the computer i'm everywhere else but here. then when i finally get here i'm reading everyone else's stories, then i start messing with my layout. even when i post, i write something & it takes me a few days to get it typed out & presentable.

a few Z stories:
- the first time Z bathed with his slinged arm i wrapped it up in a big plastic [heavy dept store] bag & used a large twist tie to fasten it. a few days later when B was helping Z get ready for his bath & Z told him what i'd done, B said "sometimes your momma does things like a man"

- B made his own cast-cover-upper - it was a trash bag & scotch tape wound around Z's tiny arm in every conceivable direction at least 4 different times. [trust me it was fun getting it off while Z was telling me his arm was hurting bc it was on so tight.] although B's wrap up may have been more water-proof than mine, his was also cutting off Z's circulation, so this "woman's man way" is how we do it!

- the other day we were at Z's school & noticed the fire hydrant is now completely encircled by several large trashcans that are all chained together. a little late for the Z...wonder if they're going to pad all the playground flooring next?

- one night Z was in the tub, B & I were wrestling in the living room. [yeah, i totally wrestle a marine that's 2x my weight & 8 inches taller than me....bc i'm dumb like that!] evidently Z heard the grunting,snorting & laughing & knew exactly what was going on & in his sweet little voice he hollars out: "get him momma!!!!"


  1. i love that z knows who to cheer for without even seeing what was going on!!

    (my first comment was going to be "wrestly? that's what you call it?" lol but then decided to keep it more family-friendly. ha ha)

  2. yeah, i knew that was a possible interpretation...

    we broke out in a fit of laughter at his cheer!


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