Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Z's school is a little over the top & not necessarily in a good way

for valentine's day, Z's class had a lil shindig....it was quite a conundrum.
which it shouldn't have been, um, hello, 2nd grade.valentine's day.cupcakes. candy.rice krispy treats.chocolate.jello. literally TONS of options, right?


Z's school is all healthy, healthy...to the extreme.
at first i thought it was all good, considering at the old school he was fed absolute crap in the cafeteria. seriously, one day they had pb&j that wasn't even on bread, it was like a cookie/graham cracker/sugar laden crust-like encasing that was pre-packaged along with cookies & punch!

so i get the healthy thing & yes, i like it, but come on, moderation people!

no sweets what.so.ever allowed at school. i thought about different ideas & looked & searched for things to bring to class & finally decided on zucchini bread, healthy right? well, i've never made it before & didn't have a recipe so, when i looked it up, it's not so healthy - lots of oil, eggs & sugar. not only that, when i asked teacher about it, she was not receptive at all, nor did she offer up any other ideas.

last minute i decided to make cranberry muffins, they're red & i found a recipe that only used 1/3 cup of oil, 1 egg & not a lot of sugar, basically is was flour, milk & the berries [sounds like paste with chunks - yum! & i drew the line at putting wheat germ in them...] & no frosting or icing or anything good like that. when i told Z i was making cupcakes he reminded me "no sweets momma" & i told him i found a healthy recipe, but i was going to sneak the cupcakes into school under my shirt anyways.

then get this - when i brought them to school & walked through the office, the school vice principal confronted me "i hope those are following school guidelines?" [Z's school has nutrition police?]

yes, they're chunky paste muffins with dents in them that are supposed to look like hearts [that ball of foil trick didn't work so well...]. & they went over like chunky paste muffins, i brought almost 1/2 of them home. i got to try them though, they weren't that bad, a little dry though.

& as if that isn't enough:
today when we got ready for the dr appt i gave Z 2 cough drops to put in his pocket & take school. after the dr appt, he started coughing so i told him to pop one & when we got to class i told his teacher about it so she wouldn't think he had candy in his mouth. she told me he wasn't allowed to have the other one, it had to be taken to the office & if he needed it, she would send him up there for it.

so i got the cough drop, brought it back to the office carrying it like it was nitroglycerin & told them i was told my son was not allowed to have it.


the teacher said i actually needed to leave handwritten permission for them to dispense said drop, but they didn't ask for it.

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