Wednesday, August 5, 2009

what happened to july?

posting has been light, er, none existent, sorry, been busy.
no, that's a lie, just been doing stuff & it's difficult to sit & type, especially beings i'm not even getting paid for it anymore....

B's summer class was cancelled, Z's out of school & i'm unemployed, so we're enjoying the time off & being in the city. B keeps on thinking i'm going to flip beings i'm not working, but i haven't yet. i realize his concern is real, yet he doesn't realize how much easier it is for me here (compared to the desert).

we've been hitting the community pool a lot, even bought a pass; been to the movies a few times (Harry Potter & Aliens in the Attic); located the local farmer's market & been out to the beach a few times. we've also had a few friends drop in from out of town, surprising how many desert folk have been by (the redheaded family of Z, Jeff from the beach, Greg from B's work & we haven't been here a month yet).

B & Z start school at the end of Aug & that's probably when i'll start freaking out (assuming i'm still not working); until then, i'm doing my best to enjoy this & know it's a gift. i do miss all my blogging buddies though & really need to find some time to check in with everyone!


  1. YAY! You're back! :)

    I agree with you - enjoy every minute and don't stress one bit. Glad that you all are having fun - give Z a hug from us!


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