Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just when you thought the "mouth of babes" no longer had a purpose

we went to corona today to visit some of B's family that we'd kinda lost contact with over the past 4 years when we lived on another planet...

it's hard to believe how much the kids have grown the youngest one is now 16. before she was a little girl. yeah, 12, duh, but really, a little girl, not much bigger than Z is now. she's a young woman, still small framed, maybe a little bigger than me but not by much & all grown up in the face. Z decided he loved her although i tried to explain to him one cannot love a relative in the boy/girl-friend kinda way.

the next one had a job in the morning & then left for her night class. the (still living at home) eldest is now married & has a 1yo little girl. they had changed some as well, but not as much as the youngest.

we stopped off to eat on the way home at macaroni grill. Z had spaghetti with red sauce & a giant meatball. when he finished he asked if meatballs grew on trees...

as we walked out of the restaurant he told me his 3rd car is going to be a "martyr-cycle"...he didn't specify if he was going the harley or crotch-rocket style.
& then he told me his 2nd car is going to be a "quarter-vette"...B & I aren't sure, but we're guessing that's some sort of cross between a corvette & a ford escort.

as for the #1 [yeah, i know, you're waiting patiently] he didn't know the name of the car [he was doing SO well with 2 & 3], so we're all waiting on pins & needles. he said it was something like B's truck, but with the sides ripped off [??!!]


  1. this is why i'm so glad you're back blogging again - just the title of this post made me smile. now, at our house, maddie has decided that she's going to have a pink monster truck and a purple corvette when she grows up (go girl!) and gage wants a mustang like bumblebee from transformers (which breaks dad's heart since he's a chevy guy all the way). ;)


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