Tuesday, August 11, 2009

what's that line?

the other day Z asked me "what's that line on your face?" as he points to the vertical line between my eyebrows

me - that's a wrinkle because mommy's getting older now & i make this face a lot [as i squish my eyebrows together]

Z - oh, because you're mad all the time [nice...]

me - no, i make that face a lot because i'm thinking about something, trying to figure it out, or i'm confused...or...um....yeah....because i'm mad [fine, the 7yo wins]


  1. Sooo funny. Maddie told my mom - "Grammy, your elbows look old." Guess that's better than "your neck" "your face" etc. And she'll say things to me like, "Mom, you have a bump on your forehead." That's a pimple, dear. Gotta love those kiddos.

  2. i have that same line...but it's more like a crease. i would love it if caine asked why i had that...i'm got a LONG LIST. lol

  3. SIL - have you seen the preview of the new courtney cox show? yeah, elbows, FUNNY!

    Mariah - so is "the line" a compliment because it's not a crease yet?

  4. yes, line is MUCH better than full blown crease. lol


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