Thursday, August 20, 2009

summer's almost over

time really has flown, B starts school on monday then Z starts the following week.
doesn't seem all that long ago that we were back in hell i mean, the sticks.

there's a few boxes in the computer room & garage that still need to be unpacked & there are a ton of empty boxes on the side of the house. at one point there was a box in our bedroom labeled "mbed-games & clothes"
should that read "games & costumes"?
when my mom came to visit i made sure to turn that box around....
when i finally got a chance to open it, really curious about what i was going to find...B's silly board games....nope, not sexy-time games, i'm talking on the order of RISK.


we've been working on the yard a lot. when we bought the house we loved all the greenery, not realizing how much work it required [& made a vow to never again buy a corner lot house. fyi ghetto house is also a corner lot, shit happens]. after 4 years of simple maintenance we have tons of work to get it back to looking good. the landscaper we hired did a great job of keeping it in line, but everything is BIG, way BIG or um, dead....


before we moved, i put Z's shot record in a very safe place [read never to be found again], so when we went to sign him up for school i had his entire medical record but not the little yellow card. [fyi, little yellow card is official, ENTIRE medical record is useless] while at the office B tried calling old school & the lady was a mess (she didn't even know her own fax # - LOST!!!). so lady at new school gave us a waiver, hopefully i'll find the record before the school year ends, i'm sure that will be sooner than old school will get their act together.

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