Tuesday, August 18, 2009

it's ON kraft!

yesterday B wasn't feeling well so i made abondigas (mexican meatball) soup. the lean hamburger meat was purchased that morning, cherry tomatos were from a neighbor & B reminded me we have an oregano plant so that was fresh too. i usually follow my aunt's recipe & keep it plain, but this time i decided to add some carrots & zucchini. it was one of the best soups i've made if i do say so myself (the boys agreed).

previously Z had asked me to make some mac & cheese for him, so after having some soup we moved on to cooking pokemon pasta. it was about 8:15pm when it was ready so i asked Z if he wanted some before bed. the lure of pokemon mac & cheese was too much for the little guy so he had a bowl. when he was done he told me

"that's the best meal you've ever made"

dear kraft - this official notice, the fight is on!

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