Thursday, August 27, 2009

not the day i expected

granted this week was not the week i thought it was going to be. when B figured out he started school 1 week before Z, I wasn't thrilled but thought it would be a good opportunity for Z & I to spend sometime together.

not that i expected rainbows & puppydogs, but come on, i didn't imagine that amount of yelling, spanking & soap in the mouth was really necessary. i'm sure the neighbor will have cps on speed dial soon [if she doesn't already].

yesterday Z & I went to the pool while B was in school & in the evening we had a grand shouting match. i was still a little worn out from the scuffle & hadn't made any plans for today. just after B left for class, i received a phone call from cousin C, the baby was in for a scheduled check-up for his throat.

background, the baby was born with hpv in his throat. they don't know how he contracted beings cousin C has never tested positive, all they can guess is that somehow he contracted it in the hospital (he's a preemie). the hpv causes growths that interfere with his breathing, so he has monthly checkups to have anything removed.

so today was a checkup day, growths were found & removed. at the end of the procedure they noticed he wasn't breathing. they resuscitated him, but in doing so they made a hole in his lung.

when i got the call from cousin C all she knew was he'd stopped breathing, i drove down there & waited almost 2 hours to find out what really happened & how he was doing. they're keeping him sedated overnight to help him relax & heal, tomorrow they'll let him wake up & then evaluate if any damage occurred.

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  1. OMG that poor baby! and poor C as well. :-( i hope that he is okay today. i messaged you on fb before i read this. so no need to reply. talk to you soon.


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