Monday, August 10, 2009

the reunion that wasn't

sat we headed up to OC & had sushi with the girls, it was great to catch up with them & know now we can go visit whenever.

sun was the big reunion, classes 80 thru 90, it was all communicated via FB & info was shoddy at best. it was supposed to begin at 9am but beings we went to sushi the night before & hadn't made arrangements for food beforehand, i knew we wouldn't get down there before noon.

i was right. way right.

i went to the store in the morning to pick up a few things, then came home, prepped food, showered & got all our stuff together. once we got ourselves in the car we still had to stop by another market to get the carne asade & fixings for the beach & we also picked up snack food because it was already 1pm & B & I hadn't eaten anything yet.

finally made it to the beach bay around 2. found a parking a spot in decent time & then tried to locate people. we walked to the south end of the bay then headed north towards the hilton (were told south of the hilton & that was it for location). we had just about given up when we found a group of people that looked like possible reunion folk (ie, a lot of mexicans in their late 30s early 40s).

the only person i felt somewhat comfortable approaching was a girl whom i had a class with at some point during hs, but i couldn't remember which class & she didn't remember me. awesome. she (Leslie) & her sister (Suzy) had just arrived as well & thankfully, although they didn't remember me, they hung out with us. i ended up recognizing a few other guys (Joel & Hugo) & we hung out a bit & finally decided to leave, Z wanted to get in water.

we attempted to hit mission beach but couldn't find a parking spot so instead we went up to la jolla & checked out some of the tidepools. i parked too far north so we didn't make it all the way down to the best spot, but Z got some exploring in. there were tons of people everywhere, i couldn't help but feel like we all looked like ants. we'll have to go back on a weekday & park further south next time.

from there we decided to head home but on the drive up we ended up stopping in encinitas & found a place where we could grill. we weren't right on the water but we had a great view. we cheated & snacked on rice crispy treats while B grilled, then we had carne asada tacos & chinese coleslaw as the sun went down. after eating Z went over to the park to take advantage of the last few minutes of light.

if i would have had any inclination the reunion was going better i wouldn't have hesitated to drive back down to mission & join them, but i was pretty that wasn't the case. i was kind of bummed the reunion turned out that way, but in the end we all had a nice day.


  1. you didn't mention the main connect person from fb. was he not there?

  2. yeah, he was there but i only talked with him & Jr for a bit.


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