Friday, August 21, 2009

and now for something a little different...

we like trying different things & the commissary is kinda fun as they have quite a few international items.

one time we bought malta goya drinks, a malty non-alcoholic drink, that's EWWW!!!

the last time we went B picked out one of these (i didn't put the name down because it's in japanese, which i don't speak & neither does my keyboard).

anyhoo, B mainly picked it out because the bottle is interesting & i'm a glass freak; so even if whatever inside didn't taste that great, i was getting me some glass. we didn't know how truly interesting it was until we decided to open it.

we hadn't looked at the bottle fastener or the instructions (what? 4 steps!) or the list of warnings (including "do not try to remove the marble from the bottle" & "do not consume if marble is broken dropped or missing").

on top of the bottle (not fastened) was a little plastic round tab thingy, connected to the bottle was a large metal ring & keeping the bottle closed was, yup a marble. so you use the little tab thingy to push the marble out of place thereby releasing the pressure (which bubbled all over B's shorts....oops!)

the drink was surprising good. sorry, i like japanese foodstuff, but a lot time it can be scary, i half-heartily was expecting a fish-sauce type carbonated soda or some sort of gelatinous balls in there, but this was good. a very light lemony carbonated drink.

also, Z LOVED the drink & the bottle & the marble....for a solid 30 minutes he went around trying to figure out what we could use the bottle for.

thumbs up on the mizuki marble drink.

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