Wednesday, August 26, 2009

nana words

i thought i'd put out background before, but i looked & couldn't find anything.

i've given hints about family drama & such [what family doesn't have drama?] but without going into too much detail, the thing about nana is girlfriend is too honest. [yeah, i know i'm guilty of it as well, but she's on a whole different level]. so much so that's she's alienated many family members [let's not concern ourselves with non-family members].

when saying hello, she tells you exactly what she sees, completely unedited. unfortunately, most people gain weight over time, so what comes out is something along the lines of "oh you've gotten so fat".

yeah, not good.

i understand how unkind & insulting that is to hear & maybe because she's never said that to me i am more accepting of her words. i'm usually greeted with "ay, my flacita" [skinny & i don't even want to get started on my issues with that word!!!] this last visit i got "my you're dark". [yup, been going to the pool a lot]

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