Saturday, August 22, 2009

a little story about "boy-r-dee"

i'm not proud of it, but yes, i do feed my child chef boyardee sad excuse for food concoctions. i was really, really against buying it for him in the first place, but he wanted it SO bad, i figured fine, i'll buy it, he'll try it, it will taste like crap & we're done - everybody wins, yes?

nope - he liked it, can't get enough of it, i actually can use it as incentive, a treat if you will [although i consider it more of a punishment, but that's neither here nor there].

so i let him pick out whichever variety he wants & we usually keep a few cans on hand at all times for those occasions when we don't plan well, or B & I want to eat something too spicy for him, or a "i have to eat now or i'll starve to death" thing happens [i'm guilty of the last one as well].

last night there was a mix up in dinner plans, so "boy-r-dee" saved the day [i really try to not make any faces or gag when i'm heating it up for him, but it smells bad, can't imagine eating it!]. it was a ravioli with "pepperoni bits" [sounds scrumptious huh? you should have seen those bits!].

as Z's eating, i ask "is it good?"
Z - yeah
me - really? [oops, that was supposed to be inside voice]
Z - here try some (as he puts a spoonful to my face & i recede like it's going to jump off the spoon & attack me)
me - no thanks, you eat it all. how's the pepperoni? normally you don't like it.
Z - it's good, better than ribeye

so, boy-r-dee faux pepperoni is better than ribeye in his world...ick!


  1. caine has never even tried any of the canned pastas (really not a surprise though). but i could never stand the smell of it. wretched. and it will permeate into ever crevice within a short radius of it's warming area. too gross. although my nephew LOVES it all. he left for college with a couple of cases, a bowl and a spoon. lol

  2. every time i heat some up i remember you telling me about that person dropping some on the carpet & the smell the remained forever!


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