Monday, August 31, 2009

not feeling it

i started to write a post because i haven't i a few days & yeah, there's stuff to write, but i'm just not feeling it today; my head hurts & i'm not funny.

baby C is better, was taken out of icu yesterday & cousin C says he looks much better.

the weekend was a quiet, that's a lie, read on:
my idea of getting Z ahead for school backfired. the plan was to read all his 1st grade books one more time before school started. we got on this kick a few weeks ago, so it didn't seem an impossible task at the time...
sometime last week i counted up the books, ~30 left told him as long as we read 5 or 6 books a night he was fine.
overambitious one asked if we could just read 10 a night & be done with it [yah, for type A!!]; but that didn't happen, the procrastinator in him won [B's side] & before we knew it days had past & the stack wasn't getting smaller.

so books were read, tears were shed, spankings were had as well.
yah for school....
i felt like such a heel, but B reminded me if it had worked out as planned it would have been fine, Z's procrastination & his big smartass mouth made it all go sour.

today is Z's first day of 2nd grade. i don't have much to write as we didn't even meet the teacher. the kids line up on the playground, she walked them all to class & at the door told everyone to say goodbye. i asked for a strict teacher, but seriously no introductions whatsoever?

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