Saturday, August 15, 2009

stupid is as stupid does

the 1st time Z looked at me like i was stupid he was 2; i don't remember the scenario, but i won't ever forget the face [probably because i see it so often now]. right after that i called my mom, apologized & told her it must be innate behavior.

over the past 5 years, Z's opinion hasn't changed & he's become more vocal about my ignorance. [never mind how much i teach him or help him with homework, i'm still stupid]

today we were having a conversation about someone else & i explained to Z that sometimes people act like they don't know something to see how much another person knows about the subject; from that Z went on to say i was 1/2 as smart as B.

granted B is smart & i DID donate 1/2 my brain during pregnancy, i still feel he's not twice as intelligent as i am. [in fact we've taken the same online iq tests & we within just a few points of each other.]
i told Z that B & I are pretty evenly matched, just in different areas because of the things we've experienced & been exposed to.

Z still wasn't buying it, so i went on to tell him that i went to school longer & have a college degree. [not that i think a piece of paper makes me any smarter] i don't know why i felt the need but i went into how it took me longer because i worked during the day & only took night classes when Z quickly stated "oh it to you longer because you're not as smart?"
[are you f'ing serious? the nads on this kid!!!]

then we went out to dinner & Z was coloring the kid's menu & he let B & I help. Z critiqued my coloring & said i did a good job staying in the lines, so then B & I tell him that's what i did all those years in school.

so the truth of the matter is i have a BS degree in coloring, but i'm really not that good at that either...

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  1. ha ha ha i can just see you defending your "smartness" to him. classic!


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