Wednesday, July 22, 2009

just keep swimming

(that's a dory reference (from finding nemo, Z's first favorite movie))

finally after many a year of swimming lessons, the boy is catching on - YEAH!
we've signed him up for lessons for the past 3 years, each failing miserably, so much where we were told "don't bother" because it was a waste of their time & his (because he hated it too).

it's been really hot (seriously, like in the high 80s!) heehee, i know it's AWFUL to say that after living in the desert for 4 years & 80s were a fricken dream come true, but in SD that's HOT. so we'd been hitting the community pool a few times & suddenly Z seemed to be comfortable in the water after just a few days so we got passes for the remainder of the season.

it was day 2 when he was ok with putting his face in the water & even going under the water a bit. day 3 he was doing the jellyfish/dead man's body/float on your belly thing & jumping in the pool probably 30 times. once he was that comfortable, the swimming part was pretty easy, he's not so good on top of the water, better under, but that's how i was too. he's not all the way there swimming laps or anything, but finally his fear is gone & he doesn't swim like my mom anymore (ie, a rock).


  1. omg you are back!! if it wasn't for fb i'd be in stalker mode about now!

  2. i'm SO sorry i've been out of touch!

  3. hey no problem. i knew u were still out there...
    @ the beach
    @ seaworld
    @ the pool


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