Monday, July 13, 2009

another reason why i shouldn't drive automatic

B's out of town so i decided to take his truck in to be washed. i've gotten pretty good at driving his truck & even remember to put it in park [most of the time], only occasionally look for the clutch when i stop or attempt to put it in 2nd when i go around a corner. see, i'm getting comfortable!

however, the guys at the carwash threw me a curveball [damn them!].

Z & I leave the car wash & are a little ways down the street when the red "BRAKE" light starts flashing. i know i'm not pressing the brakes, so it must mean the emergency brake only i don't know where that thing is.

i know where it's at on a automatic car, but this is a truck & it's set up differently.

so i kinda panic, but then i see the extra pedal at the floorboard - AHA!

before it was only slightly engaged & that's why i was able to go, now it was fully engaged & i'm at a DEAD stop in the middle of the flipping street.

full panic because i can't fricken move, only saving grace was that i chose a side street not the main drag, so there were only a couple of cars behind me.

then i finally saw the release lever & we were free!

fancy automatics are so confusing to me...

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