Friday, July 10, 2009

Weds July 8th, my birthday

seriously! in the midst of all the chaos i was struck down by 38.
it was a slap in the face.

i'm kidding, wasn't a big deal at all. nothing like 30.

i was happy though, i woke up in our bed, not on the floor & not on a (borrowed) air mattress & we were in SD. we tried to relax which was kind of impossible with boxes everywhere, so we did some unpacking. my mom called & left a happy birthday message. [my dad will probably call in a few weeks, oops, maybe not, he doesn't have our new #, oh well]

moving on, mom drove up & we all went out for lunch at chili's. Z didn't want to go there, he was afraid everything was poshy [spicy]; he was fine though, he cleaned his plate.

because of the chaos, mom gave me a gift card & flowers, i'm owed by B [a nice place to sit, although i owe him as well]. Z made popsicles for me [what a sweetie!] although after eating a massive piece of death by chocolate cake from costco, it was impossible to even consider such a thing.

all in all a good day!

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