Friday, March 19, 2010

time warp

i don't know where the week went, it's friday already & i didn't post anything in an entire week & now i can hardly remember what i did.

over the weekend we, who am i kidding? B pulled out the bushes that i knew he wouldn't get a chance to work on so i trimmed them what? 2 or 3 weeks ago? don't get me wrong, i'm glad he helped, glad they're out, at least i think i am. after all was said & done i started thinking about the fact that we removed established landscape to have more gardening space....maybe living in the sticks rubbed off on us a tad...something to think about.

monday was the day i went to the car wash 3 times to get 1 truck washed (once) which set the precedence for the day as everything took much longer than it was supposed to! by the time all the necessary things were done, i had a moment to eat & sit for 10 min, then it was time to get Z from school. there's always tomorrow right?

tuesday am i got a call from cousin C that they were in town for a dr visit. they ran a CT scan on him & he is doing so well he doesn't need to return for 10 weeks, that's the longest timeframe they've gotten in 3 years - YAH!!!! i can't even imagine how hard life must be for C.

wednesday i walked out to take Z to school & found my car had a flat tire, too flat to drive on so i took the clean truck.

thursday is lost except for the fact that B noticed another nail in my tire...seriously.

friday i went shopping. with a girl. oh & i failed at that whole noeatingmeatonfridayduringlent deal bc we went to ruby's for lunch & you can not go to ruby's & not eat a cheeseburger...THAT would sacrilege!

then i went & got my stinkin tire fixed, however they accidentily "fixed" the wrong tire, so it took a bit longer than it should have....but that one tire that got fixed on weds, yeah, it's superfixed now.


  1. omg thank goodness you are back. at least i know you are alive!

    (i know i just saw you a couple of days ago but your blog persona & real life persona are totally separate in my mind. lol)

    word verification: VICKLEST i'm gonna start using that but i'm not sure yet in what context.

  2. i'm sorry, i haven't had a chance to sit much less type! i have like 3 more posts i need to write...

    fyi, vicklest is not a word according to, however i would use it "he's the most vicklest person i've ever met!"


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