Tuesday, March 23, 2010

caterpillar torture

Z will be [deep breath] 8 in a few months & after 2 ER trips, 1 hospital admittance & too many episodes of the croup to even bother counting, his new primary dr said "yes, let's look into this".

possibly bc at our last ER visit, the breathing-nurse-dude [i can't remember the real name, but you get the idea...], yeah, him, well he said we should look into why Z is still getting the croup & suggested we take him to an ear-nose-throat-dr. when we asked primary about it, she said her 1st step would be an allergist, so that's where we went.

the primary referred use to dr-highfalutin-mo-fo downtown but it didn't work out, he was too busy for people suffering from the simple croup is my guess. [sidenote, did you know highfalutin is a real word? the internet says so right here.]

i don't know if you know, but usually when you go see an allergist, the first thing the want to do is test to see what you're allergic to [crazy right?]. they tried to be cute & call the little test scratcher thingies "caterpillars" & Z tried to be cool with it, but once gf nurse started scratching the boy was a screaming, twitching mess of tears.

it was SAD.

i'm sure everyone throughout the office was wondering wtf they were doing do that kid; honest, no holds barred screaming. gf nurse went as fast as she could & Z yelled & cried the entire time. when she finished she ran out of the room, probably to cry too [or have a shot of tequila], it was nerve racking!

when she returned to check on him, Z just scowled at her. she brought back-up, to assist in recording the reactions so they could go as fast as possible [or possibly to have a witness that she wasn't beating him].

then the dr came in & relayed the results; a normal allergy scale is 0 to 15 with 7-8 = allergic. then for some reason he said 30 would be "outrageous".
bc Z got a 30 on several grasses
& a 20 on dust mites

then the nurse came back in with 2 vials of meds for Z to stop his reactions, he was getting welts on his back.

as for the croup, the dr wants a blood test saying it could be Z's missing an anti-gen & gave us the regular allergy run down [cover the mattress & pillowcases, get a hepa-filter air purifier for his room, only open Z's bedroom window after dark for fresh air then close before bedtime & claritin daily].

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