Wednesday, March 24, 2010

go pee before reading

you went pee right?
you need to go before you look at this pic.
i'm serious, wet chonies are no fun.
[& a breeding group for nasty bacteria, not to mention plain ol stinky]

as part of Z's nightly routine i have him pull out his clothes for the next day; 1 less thing for him to do in the morning & also i get a chance to review the choices. yesterday morning he came out in pre-approved clothing but he was wearing rain boots.

back-up, i haven't talked about the rain boots, they are hand-me-downs from wonderful SIL who gives Z fantastical BAGS of clothing. although her son is a few months younger than Z, the hand-me-downs from what? 2 years ago? still fit Z...yeah there's a tad difference in the boys' sizes. so anyways, the boots, um sorry SIL, no offense, but i thought the boots were kinda ugly from day 1 & Z thought they were the cat's meow. he loves them & wants to wear them ALL the time! not to mention the fact that we're in SoCal & it's late march...

so i told the boy "no boots" & he to change his shoes & came back with some lace up things that were acceptable & i took his butt to school & didn't think anything more of it. [how's that for a run on sentence?]

this actually happened yesterday when we were on our way to the allergist & i was driving & trying to figure out where we were going & then B says something about "do you know what your son is wearing?". well yeah, i did the clothing inspection & i nixed the boots, so yes, i know exactly what he's wearing.

but the truth of the matter is i was missing something. something i didn't know i needed to review. B told Z to put his foot up on the center console thingie so i could see what i missed:

in case you're overwhelmed by how little the ankle is, look at the sock my boy is wearing.
yeah, he's wearing my black fuzzy house socks...
to school all day...
& now to the dr's office...
& we don't have time to go home to change so he either has to wear them or go sans socks [which option is MORE ghetto i ask?]

in his defense he said his feet were that cold & he was wearing them when he had the rain boots on.

surprisingly he didn't tell us to f-off when we were laughing our a**es off...

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  1. I totally agree about those horrifying boots - they were hand me downs that G only wore in the backyard - and I think that's hysterical about Z's ghetto socks. Boys!
    M would NEVER be caught dead in uggggly socks - the princess must look beautiful at all times. . . and only wear PINK! (and on my honor, she did not learn that from me). ;)


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