Saturday, March 20, 2010

who's consistent? [report card time]

not me...

Z is though,
& in a good way even!

3 - the student consistently demonstrates mastery of grade level standards
he got 3's on every section of his 2nd trimester report card in math & language arts [which is the reading stuffs].

all the other parts he got S's (satisfactory) except for social studies & reading effort where he got a E's (excellent)!!!!

teacher's note:
Z has done great this trimester. he has shown tremendous growth both in language arts & math. Z came into my class reading at beginning 1st grade & now he's at grade level. in math, he has become quite the mathematician. he loves to participate in class & looks so much more optimistic about his academics. Despite the broken arm, he has been so positive.
yup, he's finally getting that school is not a place to go beat down other kids, it's a learning environment.

perhaps we should have clarified that sooner...

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