Wednesday, March 10, 2010

B's birthday, the cast & puke....

it would probably be easier to divide this into separate would be easier for it to occurred on separate days, but that's not how it happened.

for B's birthday Z & I got him a bouquet of flowers & some shirts for school. [i don't know why but the man likes to wear dress shirts to school, but he does & he's lacking, so that's what he got.] he's really burnt out from his classes & wanted to just take an easy day so that's what we did.

then in the afternoon we picked up Z from school [which really was chaos, i got there before school ended, didn't even get into the parking lot, the bell rang so B went & got Z from class & came back to the car where i was still in the same spot!]. beings i was driving it was a few minutes before i asked Z how his day was, when i did i could tell something was wrong & he was on the verge of tears. B told me to leave it alone & when we got to the dr's office he told me the class was really loud & it was bothering Z.

at the dr's office they took off the cast & took xrays; he didn't want to keep his cast & he didn't even care when they told him he didn't need another one [although we were very pleased]. Z was getting sick & had a bit of a fever.

when we got home Z was hungry & off the list of options i gave him, he chose to eat some squash & drank some blue gatorade [you know where this is going right?]. he laid on the sofa & watched the fish tank while i cooked spanish rice & assembled the green chicken enchiladas for B's birthday dinner.

then B came out & they watched some of star wars #4 [or is it #1? stupid prequels...]. after i finished all the dinner stuffs i worked on the flourless chocolate expresso cake [fyi, you don't need flour but you do need chocolate....i had to make up the difference with chips bc i was shy 1 square!]. B & I had dinner, but Z was still not feeling up to it, but he did ask me to come lay down next to him.

he had a bit of a fever so i was wiping his forehead with a damp washcloth when he coughed. he wasn't feeling well so his movements were very slow & he was afraid of hurting the castless arm that before i could get very far or do anything blue liquid with orange squash chunks went flying everywhere.

it amazes me how it doesn't seem like that much when it goes in, but what came out was a LOT; all over Z's jammies, all over my leg & a sofa cushion was completely covered & then he made it to the toilet where he spewed some more. a lot more.

i undressed him, wiped him down as best i could & got my pants off while B dealt with the sofa. we threw everything in the tub where i rinsed the big parts off then we put it all in the washing machine & hoped for the best with the sofa cushion covers.

oh & in the middle of all it i had to make sure i didn't burn the cake too.

then finally when it seemed like Z was done i told him i was going to go put some pants on & he said "yeah" but it was more than just a regular yeah, it was more like "yes woman would you please put some pants on!".

i had Z stay in the bathroom; i sat there with him, read for a bit, eventually he fell asleep. i felt a little bad about him sleeping on the bathroom floor, but then i thought about how often i've slept on the bathroom floor [& i'm not even counting the times that included alcohol!] & figured there could be worse floors...

i know it wasn't the birthday B was expecting, much less hoping for, but you know when you mention the great dinner & chocolate cake, some puking & a woman running around with no pants on; it actually sounds like a great birthday!!!
who needs to know about the details?


  1. Awwwwwwwww. Real life... it ain't like the movies. ;-)

  2. aww what a relief...i can now read about puke again!! lol ;-)


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