Monday, March 22, 2010

the weekend

saturday Z & I drove down to visit nana, she was waiting for us on the sofa. it took her a few minutes to get to the door to let us in, but she was happy to see us & very talkative. she said she was doing well by herself, that her caregiver accomplished a lot in new abbreviated schedule my uncles have set up.

she had a bowl with some leftover homemade chicken soup near & choices of water, cranberry or orange juice to drink. the caregiver is really doing her best to take care of nana. when i called her to ask if there was anything nana needed, she was over in 5 min & gave me a big ol list of things, then stayed to hang out with nana & Z while i went to the store.

when i came back nana said i bought too much, that i bought the whole store. i didn't know what to say other than if i didn't buy the stuff for her who would? after the last trip it's apparent my uncles feel they are doing their part & letting other things fall by the wayside [things like FOOD] so the rest of the family will chip in.

i called my uncle B a few weeks ago & told him about nana being out of food & he said her refrigerator was stocked when he visited. i informed him that was bc i had just spent over $200 getting stuff for her, that i understood they [the 2 eldest] were paying the brunt of the fees associated with nana however that didn't change the fact that the woman's cupboards where bare & they needed to sign her up for food stamps.

he wasn't too receptive & insisted she was doing fine until i told him every time i go down there i spend anywhere between $100 to $200, that she's eligible for food stamps but i can't sign her up for it bc i don't know her info. not to mention the fact that i'm not allowed to interfere..

after the nana visit, Z & I went to the park to hang out with some friends. it was somewhat planned but i had no idea the turn out was going to be what it was. it was great fun, except for that part where a couple kids fell & had to go to the hospital [thankfully Z was NOT part of that, we've had enough of the ER lately]. it's really nice to get together with high school friends & see all your kids having fun together. Z even found a fellow scrapper!

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