Friday, March 12, 2010

a simple bath

you know since it was first put i was counting the days until it came off. when i'd sit next to Z i'd try to turn the other way when i breathed in, hoping i wouldn't catch a whiff de arm. only when curiosity was killing me would i take a little sniff, but nothing, nothing, nothing.

i didn't smell anything.
[can you hear angels singing?]

& you know what, even when they took it off nada!
[maybe my sniffer is broken]

i'd been waiting ALL these weeks to get it off & ohmygoshcaniplease wash it but he didn't feel well & i was cooking & baking up a storm & by the time i was done with everything & had a chance to eat & sit for 5 flipping minutes to even think about washing the arm i was covered in puke.

priorities suck.

the next day he still had the fever & he spent the ENTIRE day in the same spot on the sofa [sans cushions that were still drying]. so not only did the little guy have arm that was begging to be washed but i had only wiped the previous night's puke off him. [cps isn't reading this right?]

it wasn't until thursday, no puke, no fever, all kinds of 7yo attitude that he was finally put in the tub. to soak. with clorox, ajax & listerine. for hours. [ok, maybe not that long....]

his arm is still very stiff & he can barely move it, so i washed his hair for him; but it was nice to be able to let him sit in there for a bit & not worry about the arm getting wet. the arm is thinner [expected], hair is darker [not expected], didn't smell at all & is peeling a lot [reminds me of that old 70s movie about the guy that turned into a snake].

finally, a semblance of normal!


  1. z is made of smell there! lol

    you only WIPED off the puke? omg. i don't care when the vomit occurs...baths are being taken. lol

  2. yeah, i know, but he was SO wiped i didn't have the heart to make him get in the tub.

  3. i feel you but i don't think i would have been able to give out any "after puke hugs" that are needed with that lingering smell.

    but like i said...z is made of roses lately. ;-)


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