Monday, March 8, 2010

no ka-pow

i don't get boys, think they just have this thing where they HAVE to hit something, preferably a person, out of nowhere....but thankfully this time it wasn't Z!

in order to escape the afterschoolparkinglotcraziness i told Z to go to his after school place & i'd just pick him up from there a few minutes later. i got there probably 15 min after school ended, so the craziness was averted & then Z tells me some kid whacked him on the head.

did you start something?
were you arguing about something?

all no, Z said the kid hit him on the head bc he had homework...which doesn't smell quite right, but i asked Z what he did about it & he said he told one of the adults & didn't hit back!

can you say woohoo?
yeah, finally, that's what you're supposed to do kid!

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