Thursday, March 25, 2010

Z's blood test

following up on the caterpillar torture we had to take Z in for some blood work. i made the appt online & didn't really think about should i call & warn ask them about what would be the best way to prepare the kid for them them for the kid.

luckily B was able to come along, bc honestly i was so worried about it, i actually woke up in the middle of the night concerned about how Z was going to react to having his blood drawn.

the phlebotomist [fyi my spell check says that's wrong & is recommending lobotomist...we'll save that one for another day] was a young small framed asian woman & when she realized who was getting their blood drawn she looked a little tense.


she said one of us should sit & have Z sit on our lap so i went to wait in the car told B it was all him. i didn't think me puking on the kid while she tried to put a needle in his arm was a good idea....
B held his wrist with one hand & kept his elbow straight with the other while i did my best not to lose my s**t as Z screamed & cried & i told him to just look at me & not look at his arm.

in the car i had a bowl of strawberries waiting to calm Z's nerves & when he felt a little better he said the caterpillars were worse. i told him that was good bc he probably wouldn't have to have that done again but getting blood drawn is something done that has to be done every once in awhile.

i think next time we'll do tequila shots before we go...


  1. randomly stumbled across your blog and i'm so glad i did. i've been LOLing for the past 27 minutes. thank you.

  2. glad you enjoyed yourself :-)


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