Saturday, April 3, 2010

movie news: clash of the titans & a lil avatar talk

on sat we went to go see clash of the titans. we actually saw it in 3-d, something i'd been afraid to do. after that one time we went to movies when i was pregnant & i got nauseous & had to leave, well, i'm still antsy about it. i know, i know, the boy is almost 8 YEARS old, but seriously, who wants to puke at the theater?

not me

when we went to see avatar, B said "who wouldn't want to see it in 3-d?"

um, hello, your pukey wife...

so we didn't see that one in 3-d, which ended up being a good thing bc in one scene where the guy falls off a tree limb while walking through the forest, well i fell with him. honestly, i almost fell out of the chair & it wasn't even 3-d.

i'm an awesome date
yeah, & B's a lucky man

so, the movie though, um, clash of the titans one as i realize i'm all over the place, yeah, it was pretty good, the 3-d effect worked & was pretty neat & i didn't fall off the chair once. they stuck a lot to the old 80s story line, although they left out some parts that were missed the beloved mechanical owl-wth?.

before we went to the movies i thought i'd give Z an idea about what it was about so i was explaining greek mythology, their stories, beliefs & gods, etc when suddenly he decided he didn't want to go. we got him to change his mind & when it was over he said he thought the movie was going to be like going to church & they were just going to talk about god....

we're excellent parents

so as further punishment we're going to rent the old version, i have to be sure to wake up Z early on sunday morning to watch it. do you think i should make him get dressed in fancy clothes too?

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