Thursday, April 15, 2010

the interview

last week i went on an interview; one i didn't want to go on. i know that doesn't make sense, but i inadvertently applied for a position that was title 'finance blah' & in the fine print it said 'works with people'....uh, that's not me.

however, it's at a place that i want to work at, so i couldn't blow them off, i couldn't tell them i already had a job & i've already been told if i want in, i have to start at the bottom. which for the most part, i'd be willing to start pretty low but that whole havingtotalktopeople thing & they don't mean office gossip leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

so i went to the interview & of course bc i wasn't nervous i was awesome. [oh how i wish i could bottle that & save it for another time.] really, i was good, know how i know? bc yesterday they called to get approval before checking my references.

"so can we call f18 people?" - yes

"what about noems?" - um, yeah [this may be my way out, maybe old boss will give me a bad referral???? not likely, but maybe something will fall out of his mouth before he can stop himself, or his tone might say it all as well...come on old boss, bring it!!!!]

"the golf place?" - all my work peoples are gone, so not a very good source

oh, & there's more to the dislike part, it's a temporary job, only 10-12 weeks. i'm in the works about finding/figuring out how that affects my unemployment but as of right now, it's looking like not a good thing.
although i asked a string of questions trying to figure out how it would work i got one answer being "old claim would end, new claim would have to start". so a new claim based on a short work period at lower pay.

yah for me - as in who can screw things up beyond belief?

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