Monday, April 5, 2010

judgement day

so i cleaned some on easter, cleaned some more in the morning & trust me, i was a peach to be around with all the stress about what things were going to be like once my mom showed up, A PEACH!

B wasn't going to be here, which was both good & bad, good bc that meant i wouldn't have to be in the middle of anything but bad bc i wouldn't have his support.

my mom was bringing a friend, which also had good & bad points - my mom wouldn't go completely batshit crazy in front of her [i don't think anyway] yet this person has probably heard my mother's completely fictional tirade & OMG how am i supposed to look this person in the face when they think i'm a complete f-ing monster????

Z would be here too [off for spring break, it's not "easter break" anymore bc nobody believes in god] & it's good for him to see his grammie no matter how crazy she is.

mom's dr appt went fine & they showed up about 11:30. i got my mom some coffee & we sat at the dining table & talked for a bit. a little while later she said she was ready to eat so i served the abondigas soup my mom had requested. she hadn't tasted my version soup before, she said "it was good, but not as good as her's".


even her friend said "come on, this is really good" & my mom said "it's good, it's just mine is really good". so her friend asked her what was different about her recipe - she fries the onions first....well that makes ALL the difference in the world doesn't it?

i did my best to stay in the conversation, yet not say a lot, so to her soup comment i just smiled. she also told me the dog looked fat; although last time she was worried about the dog's dish not having food in it at all times.

all in all, things went well, it was a painful step in the right direction.

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