Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter 2010

i'd put off calling my mom all week; you know a holiday....most families get together, so i was at a loss at what to do....
do i invite? [only to be turned down]
do i not invite? [she's told me she doesn't want come over but i'm a b*tch if i don't at least offer right?]

woohoo, fun times alright!

i was off the hook though, she had a medical thing to prepare for & couldn't leave the house on sunday.

deep exhale [& feel the 400lb monkey fall off my back]

then when i explained to B that she wouldn't be over on sun for easter, but was coming over on mon after her dr appt it all went to hell again. [he has class all day]

good times...
seriously, can't win for losing sometimes.

then to top all that sh*t off, i was recovering from a migraine [why couldn't it have been a hangover?], so the easter bunny was late ok?
the confetti eggs were colored, but not confettied & obviously not topped & the potato salad was still just a thought nagging at the back of my head.

Z got to open his box from grandma C - lots of yellow grass, candy, camouflage eggs [?] & a science kit with polymers [water absorbing thingies]. my mom sent a card with some cash, thankfully she clued it $50 was a bit much & only gave him $10. then when i was able to, B & I filled plastic eggs & went out to the backyard to hide them.

then Z came out & caught us red handed.

i told him the easter bunny hid some of the eggs, but he was in a hurry & had to leave so he asked me to finish the rest of them. [wasn't that a good lie? i'm totally getting better!]

he totally didn't buy it, so i told him if he didn't go inside easter was canceled.

once we finished with the eggs i brought his basket inside & put the other things in there i bought for him & we went out for the hunt. Z was pissy about having to actually hunt for eggs, the best one was a yellow egg B had placed sitting on top of a tool with a yellow handle. it was really hard to see it & Z even moved the tool & it wasn't until the egg fell down that Z found the egg.

we didn't get to the confetti eggs until after dark, it was still fun, but so much more fun when there are other people around. the boys pretty much went after each other, then Z of course had to get Lady...any chance to mess with the dog!

easter dinner didn't happen.
we had tons of leftovers & it just didn't make sense to prepare everything.

glazed ham, potato salad & asparagus were had on tuesday afternoon though...we're professional procrastinators, novices need not apply!

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