Monday, April 19, 2010

what's for dessert?

we don't normally do dessert around here, mainly bc i'm not into sweets & B is always trying to watch what he eats. lately however, i've had a sweet-tooth that just won't die! usually i can either bake or buy something, i'll have one serving & i'm done, i got my fix & the boys will eat most of it, then i end up throwing the tail end of it away. not this time; i've made cakes, bought big boxes of ice cream & other treats & still, it is there. i still want more.

B's been no help, instead of telling me to stop it's like a fricken competition on who can eat more....& we're running neck & neck! the other day he made 2 loaves of pumpkin bread; a mix that we've had for probably 2 years but never really bothered to get around to making, but now 1 loaf wasn't enough.

to top it off i called my mom & got her recipe for carrot cake frosting. you know, cream cheese & walnuts? yum!! what i didn't know is it also had butter, too thin it out of course! cheese, butter & sugar all the food groups right? i should have added chocolate bits, that was missing...

lately although B & I are in the midst of our consumption extravaganza the boy is not eating. maybe he's afraid to put his hand in the middle of things? the allergy meds mess with his appetite so although the little guy can not afford to miss a meal, he's been living off snacks lately.

the darn health-nazis at school aren't helping matters either, he's afraid to eat anything fattening. no joke, i've had to have serious discussions with him about how it's ok to have a little fat like a pound of bacon or container of sour cream daily maybe? in one's diet to a 4ft1in 50lb little boy.

what's a mommy to do when her little one isn't eating?
bribery of course.

i told Z once he ate a good lunch he could have x, y or z for dessert & yep, he finished his meal & came over for his dessert. i asked him what he wanted?

his answer "a chicken wing"

i was at a loss. i don't remember offering a chicken wing. i don't think Z would choose a chicken wing for dessert options. i might, hot & spicy = yum!!

i digress...

then i get it:
a drumstick?
you mean a drumstick ice cream?
that's different from a chicken wing....

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