Friday, April 16, 2010

hack hack cough wheeze sneeze, repeat

on thurs afternoon when i picked up Z he complained about having a runny nose & throughout the evening he sneezed a couple of times = he was coming down with a cold. i figured in the morning we'd evaluate where he was at to decide if he was up for school.

2am - he was sneezing & i heard the barking cough
4am - he woke me up bc he was thirsty. he was wheezing, so i opened his window to get some cold air in his room & got the humidifier out & on for him.
5am - still wheezing, gave him an inhaler treatment
7am - got up, still wheezy, no school, i'm wiped & i'm not the sick one

thankfully i was able to get in to see the dr at 9:30, she asked about the allergy results & if Z was exhibiting any signs at either of the visits [nope], but here we were only 4 days later & Z was in the throes of it. she agreed at almost 8 years, this is really unusual & they did a breathing analysis thing.

they had a breathing tube attached to a monitor; he had to take a deep breath in, put the tube in his mouth, blow out as hard as he could, breath in as hard as he could, then remove the tube. all those moving parts for the kid were too much to handle; thankfully the nurse was really patient bc seriously it took like 20 tries & girlfriend didn't lose it at all.

next they gave Z an abuterol breathing treatment [he looked like he was smoking a hooka].
every time i see a nebulizer it reminds me of when cousin C was just a little girl & i was taking care of her & i didn't know how to use her machine, she was probably 3 or 4 & she was showing me how to turn it on & how to break the glass vial to put the medicine in the dispenser.

then round 2 of the breathing analysis; he was finally primed for the whole evolution but we had to retrain him bc now they only had to measure blow out, so that was probably another 15 tries. that nurse will probably run & hide if she ever sees us again.

results finally - initial readings were in the 70/80s, after meds 80/90s = yes, he has asthma

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