Wednesday, April 21, 2010

end of an era

the boy has decided he's done with all my pet names for him.
no more:
sweetsweetbaby [derived from me singing it over & over to him]
or udgybudgy [one of his weird baby sounds that somehow stuck]
or shuppaduppa [another baby word, shuppy = strawberry & they were his fav when he was a toddler. he would repeat "shuppashuppashuppa" over & over, a first sign of ocd maybe? note to self add another $50 to the kid's mental health fund. who needs college?]

i thought i was doing well bc pumpkinbutt [as in puffydiaperedbutt] had been shorten to just pumpkin. & i try really, really hard not to call him pumpkin at school; there i call him sweetpea or darlin' that's more grown up right? shouldn't that be acceptable?


the other day in an attempt to not call him a nickname when the p-one was slipping out of my mouth & i stopped but i was mid-way through it, so "pumpk" came out but he heard "punk" & then i get lip bc i'm calling him a punk. no honey i wouldn't call you that, a pain the *ss maybe but not a punk...

he doesn't even want to be called Z anymore, he says to call him:

next time i get a call from school about Z having discipline issues, i'll tell them they must have the wrong #, bc i'm alex's momma.


  1. too funny. :-) never a dull moment in the z (uh i mean alex) household.

  2. I finally got a chance to read thru all of your older posts - so fun to read your Z stories about Easter and reading, sorry about the asthma but at least you know now. I'm posting a comment just so you know it works. . . . :)

    LOVE YOU!!

  3. yup Mariah, no dull moments around here, unless we're all sleeping!

    SIL - hey, you're back, YAH! I changed some settings, hope that helped things.


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