Saturday, April 24, 2010

today's breakfast

man, have i been failing at blogging or what?
before i made this post, i needed to go back for some back-dating & um, i didn't make the post, hence no point of reference, so now we totally have to wing this shit...

ok, i don't remember which came first either St Patrick's day or Dr Seuss's birthday...but one of them happened & Z asked me if he could have breakfast at school that day.

why? bc he wanted to have the green eggs of course.
the green "eggs" were a scary sight & not bc they were green but bc they were obviously not eggs, honestly i don't know what they were....powdered? tofu? whatever it was, not egg by any stretch of the word.

so for whichever the 2nd one was [as in SPD or DSBD] i made the boy green eggs at home [with REAL eggs] & yes, he agreed, these were much better.

today i cooked some bacon & asked Z if he wanted some eggs or toast to go with it & his response was:

"i want a green scrambled egg with bacon bits in it & toast on the side" [is he my kid or what??? i'm surprised i didn't get spec's on the toast - lightly toasted or heavily? butter, jam, or cream cheese?]

he only wanted 1 egg & i put in 2 drops of green food coloring & those were some GREEN eggs alright! he said they tasted good though.


  1. ha ha you are like a short order a bizarro spd/drsbd kind of way. lol

  2. yeah, maybe i've found my calling!


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